Prepare for the trip

Its story about my excited journey with hendrawan and our destination was Genting Highland. Genting Highland is nestled on a mountain peak within the Titiwangsa Mountains on the border between the states of Pahang and Selangor of Malaysia, why is so excited for me? we went to there without good preparation. We didnt book hotel before, we didnt know how to go there. We only know first step : go to KL Sentral. Next step : we looked for bus that go to there, unfortunately we didnt know where the terminal location. So we asked to some people and we asked to taxys information center, she said at 8 pm theres no bus available, she suggested us to use taxy. We asked how much, she answered 150 ringgit, i thought its so expensive for us. We didnt give up, so we still asked some people for getting information. Finally we got the last bus ticket go to genting, and you know the tickets prices only 9 ringgit 

At the terminal

After we arrived at genting, we had the problem, where will we take a rest? my friend from KL said dont sleep outside. finally I knew why he said that, outsides very cold, you cant see around distance 5 m because the thick fog.

Just Arrived

So we entered the building immediately, i think the inside of building likes Trans Bandung (nb : i never go to there :p) . In there you can try Theme Parks (Flying coaster, Genting Sky Venture, Snow World, etc), Genting Skyway, Casino and many more.

Inside of building

After we satisfied to walk around, were confused where will we take a rest, firstly our plan was sleep at the cinema :p . Alhamdulillah we didnt it, we chosen to sleep at mosque 😀

Time to sleep

At the morning we wake up and as our plan, we have tried cable car

Around at 8 am, we went back to Gtower Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. Actully our plan, after we went to genting, well go to Batu Caves but because were tired, we canceled it. Hopefully next year i can go to there because next year ill go to vietnam and i must transit at KL first. My plan, probably i and My friend (Sigit Ananda)ll spare one day to be in KL So i have time to go Batu Caves.

Map of trasportation in KL

Nb : i have ordered KL-Vietnam but i havent order Jakarta-KL yet so if you have information cheap ticket to go to KL, please let me know 