Last week suddenly Sigit Ananda told me that day is his girlfriends birthday. Actually he has prepared for party. After we left permata bank, we bought cake in Harvest (he has bought the cake that most expensive :p ). Because that time still around 9 PM so we decided to go home first and put the cake in my refrigerator.
We departed from boarding house around 11.30 pm, i asked sigit have you taken lighter? he said no”, he thought it had to be there. Unfortunately when we arrived at Empals house (we called their home is empal house), Saras said they dont have lighter so we took fire from stove -.-
Okay, i think picture can tell much how it happened

Iwil and Cake

Iwil and Nunu (Dang Dung Der Couple)
The Empals
Little Party
Candid :p

Around 1 AM, We went back to Boarding house, the Jakarta street’s so quite

I feel it’s the wonderful night, suddenly i remember when i made surprise for my girlfriend (nindi), 3 laboratorium (Ebis, SPK, PPSI)’s member helped me to prepare anything. i feel lucky to have them

Thanks Guys,

Happy B’day Nunu 😀