i know it’s too late writing this journey but i think someday we will forget the detail of journey which is the most interesting point (actually, the last words is inspired from my friend who always write down his journey). At least, next 10-20 years we realize who we were because i’m not totally sure facebook, path, twitter or other social media still keep “our memories”

Back to the topic, this journey was interesting. Krakatoa was the mountain which is one of “Must-Climb-Before-You-Die” list. I went to there with approximately 20 people (sorry, i don’t remember exactly the number), we didn’t know each other so we just scheduled to meet in Kampung Rambutan Terminal to take a bus went to there.

I will skip the story how to go there, regardless it will be a long story, i don’t totally remember the detail. I just remember the route, Terminal -> Merak harbor -> Lampung -> Krakatoa.

I think krakatoa has full package, besides you can enjoy the mountain experience, you also experience about snorkeling and  playing in the beach. I absolutely recommend this place for true adventurer. So just enjoy this pictures 

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