Actually my friend already wrote down this trip in her post. I was so exited with this journey because we came from 5 different cities and all of we met in Jogjakarta where has romantic spot in every corner of city. This trip was initiated by Sigit Ananda Murwanto but he was not able to join because he had to attend a test for entering his master School. Honestly i was sad but in the other hand i was grateful because the seats number of car was not enough if he joined. *peace*

Actually my first plan was to visit all of beach in Jogja. After we discussed, we decided to Goa Pindul. It was my second visit. Not like my first visit, that day was very crowded so we had to spend more than 1 hour to enter that cave. After we explored Goa Pindul, we did body rafting. After that we went to Indrayanti Beach and had lunch in there. Surely, we were so tired so we decided immediately back to the hotel. Because previously we planed to spend all night in alon-alon.

At the night, we met special guest, he is Anggoro Sukmo who is our leader when we were in college. Unfortunately he couldn’t stay with us in guest house.

Next day we did city trip, we just bought souvenirs. Mostly in that day, we spent in Malioboro. As i expected, that day was Jogjakarta Fashion Week. Nobody knew that i planned it. But i missed something, i forgot station close to Malioboro where the event was held. It means no transporatation can reach that area. And i also forgot to discuss it with the driver because some of us would be back at the afternoon. Honestly i was a little stress but i admitted there was nothing could i do so i just prayed. Thankfully, my friends were not late.

When i asked to myself which my best moment. I realized my best moment of this trip was while we were on the train. We spent all night talking each other and sharing anything. No matter what we are doing, spending time with them is more than fun. I know we are not able to repeat that moment therefore that makes precious.


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Our Guest House
Our Guest House
The Guest of Honor
The Guest of Honor


I guess it was our last trip in next few year because mostly of us are married. I hope i’m wrong 🙂