Almost all of social media have features for deleting comment or blocking someone. Surely, some people use it well. Firstly, i thought people who used that features were coward because they were not able to accept unpleasant thing in their account.

In the other hand, i also realized that blocking and deleting comment activity is their authorization. Let’s say, our account is our home, absolutely we never allow something / someone to ruin ours. So if someone allow me to enter their “home”, please be nice. If your activity was deleted in their home, please figure out why they did it, not only blame them and say they are coward. I’m sure, everything has a reason. If they kicked you out from their home (blocking or unfriend you), it means they felt be disturbed.

You can’t blame them because as i said, they have totally authorization of their home. Surely, you don’t want your home look dirty too, right ?

From my experience, replying those disturbing comment is not best way because sometimes we can’t explain clearly and completely in the words. Moreover, there are people who commented your status/post just want to ruin. So i think the best way when you face it is just ignore it. Second level, you can delete those comment, and final level, you can block them. Because it is your authorization. You must take care your home whoever you are.

For people who feel offended because you were treated unpleasant. Please look at yourself, do you deserve to make dirty in other people’s home ? Better if you want to make dirty, do it in your own home.