In the every part of my life, i always have friend who inspired or influenced me, i posted it about them several years ago. In my last company, i met someone who like them. She (yes, it’s woman) always reminded me about my goal. Hmm… maybe we reminded each other about our target. I call her Crenk (not Crank – honestly i always remember that movie while i call her with that name *peace*). Her real name is Sri Wahyuni, she comes from another country, the name of her country is Sucopangepok. So if you want to visit her hometown, you must prepare visa first *Kidding*.

In fact, Sucopangepok is the name of village in Jember. I don’t know exactly where it is. As i heard, although the village is in Jember but the village is still far away from the city center of jember. I’m not able to imagine how far because i went to the city once and i realized jember is very large. i had to spend approximately 2 hours from edge of jember to the city center.

She has extraordinary story, how she was able to study in college. Studying in college is big achievement in her village. Fyi, Probably less than 3 person from that village who studied in the college and as i know, she is the “first bachelor”. i want to write the complete story in this blog but I have to spend all day. Because it will be a long story, hmmm i think her story could be a novel. Trilogy of Sucopangepok :p

Now, she has a job in Cyberjaya, Selangor. We were relief, finally we reached our target. I hope someday, after we ggot everything what we want, we can meet and spend all night to tell our “great story” (especially her story).

Wish us luck….