I found great comment about ‘regret’. I like that words. You can read this blog for details -> http://www.itsnet.web.id/2013/02/22/its-putuskan-tak-terima-siswa-ips-untuk-snmptn/ (stellar’s comment)

Don’t let anger blind your vision on the other way to grab your success.

This is why indonesian are not getting better; we always complain instead of seeing the obstacles as reasons to do our best. we blame others, we blame everything but us. yeah, sometimes life is unfair; it’s because we’re subjective. there are lots of people who suffer more than we do. why don’t we just try to seek the solution and a way out instead of cursing the darkness?

if you see this as an useless comment to read yet you bash this, then it proves your obvious weakness at accepting the reality and truths. you should find a way to get up, soon, because you have to know that we have to survive in this tough world. in the future, no one cares about our complaints. hard work speaks all