Ill tell you story about the wiseman. His names Purnama anaking, i knew him around 5 years ago. When you see him for the first time, you wouldnt guess if hes a great man and always down to earth.
First time i met him when i developed Colors Pubs Website. FYI, Colors pubs Website was developed using PHP. Actually developed it very difficult for me, because
1.I have never touched PHP before
2.When i taken this project, i was facing Final Test
3.I became a single fighter
4.My second year was at College (So i think i was a junior)
At the First, im not sure i can handle this project. But finally i took it after Mas Purnama said to me.

We never know what can we do before we had broken trough the limitation that we made

Mas Purnama really helped me to develop this project. Unlike other senior that i asked to help me previously,

he teached me without showed off How smart he is 

Hes a very patient person, because its not easy to teach me something new :p

Actually he inspired me to graduate at the right time (you can read why graduate at the right time so special for me in my previous blog). I read his YM status,

Because strong desire can be strengthened, double, making miracles

After that, if i almost gave up, i always remember his status. It has made me stand up until now.

One more thing that inspired me. At that moment ill get certification test, actually i wasn’t ready because the time wasnt enough for me to study. I almost gave up, he said to me.

Faith without a doubt

Right then i realized i have a god who can work wonders. And you know, I got score 97 for that certification. Its wonderful