Adhya Husni, He is my closest Friend in College. Honestly, he used to give me inspiration especially about religion. This man was young among us but his thinkings quite mature, although sometimes he does stupid things *peace*

When i were at Information System, ITS. I had project with him. We called our project Project 4-4.

Project 44 is S1 college program for 4 years with 4 points

1. First Point : Good GPA
On the moment, I almost gave up because my dream to graduate in 4 years was threatened to fail. Because i got suspension in 3rd semester. So 3rd Semester that i taken wasnt recognized. It happened because i cheated when the Final Test. I can only regret the accident.

Almost everyone told me i cant graduate in the right time (4 years)

But i believed i can and Husni used to give me spirit. And you know, i can proved it. I graduated in the right time. Actually without him, im not sure i could.

2. Second Point : Softskill
In college, i and Husni are activist. We are the pioneers of the establishment of the Executive Faculty of InformationTechnology (BEM FTIf). In addition, my friend Husni also noted as chairman of Islamic Studies Information System (KISI) the period 2008/2009.

3. Third Point : Hardskill
In college, We often get some IT-based projects. So we can implement what did we learn in college. Besides, we got enough money from that project

4. Fourth Point : Honors and Awards
In college, We got Finalist of Business Game Contest (GEMASTIK-2009), received fund from DIKTI (PKM Kewirausahan “ Entrepreneur events), Nominator of INAICTA (Indonesia Information and Communication Technology Awards ) 2010

Now, hes working at Pertamina (the biggest company oil in Indonesia). We still have target altough we already worked.

Before 25 years old, we must go to Europe